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We currently only supply by the truck & trailer load, however contact us here to discuss your requirements and we will do what we can to help.



This is pasture that has been cut, wilted and wrapped at ultimate dry matter levels. Options include:

  • Meadow Rye Clover Mix - A high energy feed
  • Lucerne - A high protein & energy feed
  • Red Clover - A high protein & energy feed



This is pasture that has been cut, dried and baled. It is available as wrapped or unwrapped bales. Options include:

  • Meadow Rye Clover Mix - Ideal winter feed for dairy, dry stock and horses
  • Lucerne - Excellent for dairy, horses, goats and deer
  • Red Clover - Excellent for dairy, horses and goats


Thrashed Rye

This product is an excellent alternative to meadow hay and has some key advantages over hay:

  • It’s unaffected by the weather because it comes from irrigated land
  • The availability and price is therefore very stable year-on-year
  • It’s 100% weed free = No hidden surprises!

If this sounds interesting then please give us a call. Note, we are only able to supply squares in the Thrashed Rye.



This is a by-product of grain that has been dried and baled - an essential component of your supplementary feed programme. Options include:

  • Thrashed Rye/Hay Straw - Can be used as a hay substitute. Our product has no weeds and comes from certified seed
  • Barley, Wheat, & Oat - These excellent fibre straws are used in conjunction with other supplements for home sheds, mixer wagons and feed pads
  • Pea - An excellent straw, high in protein and great for all livestock as a stand-alone feed


Baleage, hay & straw available as...

Conventional Bales
Traditional hay bales are easily handled and ideal for small and lifestyle blocks
1200 x 500 x 500 

Large Squares
Ideal for larger farms and easy to feed out 
2000 x 900 x 800

Large Rounds

Great on rolling country as they can be rolled out or bale fed
1500 x 1500 x 1200